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Fleet Rental Requirements:
Güven Rent A Car, fleet car rental experience in the management tools for you to be a problem to remove. Güven Car Rental, between each kind of service maintenance, repair, spare parts, tires and battery replacement, motor vehicles tax, automobile insurance and traffic insurance will bear.
If desired car rental, including fuel costs is also possible to do. This car in your fleet vehicles available to rent all kinds of systems can be included.
Damage, theft, such as by extraordinary circumstances not to hinder your business temporarily in another vehicle pricing requests to allocate edilir.Bu please call or write to us.
If you rent a car If the CAR PURCHASE
Capital Output No: Capital Allocation is needed to:
At least $ 15,000 per car To put at least $ 15,000 per car or loan capital is needed to find.
All of the costs into the lease price is: Price of the car (left) half, however, can be divided into 5 Year Depreciation:
Car rental price of 100% will be dropped to resolve ü. $ 15,000 to receive half the value of the car with the $ 7500 may be subject to depreciation.
7500 in 5 years but shall be deducted from the depreciation.
You can put the Costs of Gasoline Expenses: Gasoline Costs half of the expenses, however, will be thrown in:
Doing activities on the basis of your business to enter the leasing of the entire car's fuel costs can be taken to resolve. Gasoline costs 50% of expenses are approved. The remaining half are legally unacceptable costs.
Track costs, periodic maintenance, etc. None: Perriodic Maintenance Costs Spare Parts, etc. It is a pen Expenses:
Güven Rent A Car rental car expenses, and this will take. They may also cause loss of time, even within their fleet of larger companies may build hospital.  Certain period of change in the tires, batteries will malfunction, etc.
Spare Parts, Periodic Maintenance Costs vs. Expenditures for the Assignment Problem of Not None. Periodic Maintenance Costs of spare parts, etc. However, as in the gas expenses to half.
Urgent Solution to Problem: Problem in Creating Long Term Business and the Lost Time:
Traffic accident when the driver of the car after receiving reports Güven Rent A Car is allocated to him a new car. Defects in the same way when the car is a new tool is allocated. In addition, your costs will not be any repairs. Sometimes when the car accident or breakdown repairs to take weeks. Repair costs and lost time and work and the company will suffer great damage. Accident rates in our country is in the highest world standards in accordance with further increases this risk.
Book Value Taxation with the sales value of the difference is not: If you wish to sell the car with the Selling Value of Book Value of the difference will have to pay tax:
Not possible for your car is not such a taxation. This also is the meaning of the car for the company carries a full load. And when you buy but they can at him 5 years to resolve. 5 years later when you want to sell the car sales tax will pay for his wife to occur.
Flexibility : None Flexibility:
Business expansion and contraction that occurs in our time according to our fleet could shrink and then grow. Thus, control costs and make efficient and instantly assess the potential improvements. To increase or decrease the number of car business, depending on potential and reduce behind. . However, you need to sell the car or take a decision which is not showing flexibility.
Facility Management: Management Difficulty:
If you rent cars, and this gives you ease of administration. Annual taxes, examinations, periodic maintenance, tires and battery changes, you'll forget about problems such as loss of time in the accident. As these business professionals with management tools Güven Rent A Car deal.  We only Güven falls Rent A Car  need to specify or problems. Most large companies to do the job as the fleet separate departments, the hospital building, head to the managers, chefs will appoint. Auditors are appointed. Despite this focus on companies rather than actually still will have to deal with car problems.
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